Install CodeMRI® on Linux


Installation Instructions

Upgrade Notice

Prior to version 1.24.27, CodeMRI® Platform required a separate installation of Understand. Beginning with CodeMRI® Platform 1.24.27, this requirement has been lifted. You may uninstall Understand by removing the /opt/understand directory.

1. Prepare for Install

1.1. Create and or navigate to the directory in which CodeMRI® (CMRI) will be installed.

1.2. Verify there is enough storage to install CMRI and store the codebases to be analyzed.

a. System storage can be revealed by typing df -h into the command line.

1.3. If there is enough storage in the desired location, proceed to the installation.

2. Download & Install CodeMRI® (CMRI)

2.1. Navigate to and sign In. If this is a new account, click sign up.  Navigate to your email client and validate the email. This email address will become the username for this account.

2.2. Navigate to the Downloads page

2.3. Download the CodeMRI Platform - Linux zip file

a. The CMRI Platform download link is protected, so you can't copy & paste the link from into the CLI.

b. Use a system that can browse, navigate to the Downloads page and download the CodeMRI Platform - Linux zip file.

b. Either physically move the zip to your Linux partition or copy it to your Linux partition or virtual machine using the scp command:

scp -r -i ~/path/to/<CMRI Platform zip filename> REMOTE_USERNAME@IP_ADDRESS:~/REMOTE_PATH

2.4. Navigate to the directory containing the CMRI Platform zip file.

Installation will fail if the install path contains any spaces. 

Please be sure to extract the installer into a path whose name contains no spaces. For example, /opt/cmri. If the installation path contains any spaces, the installation may fail or CodeMRI may fail to work properly.

2.5 Decompress the zip file using the command:

$ unzip <CMRI Platform zip filename>

If there is no preexisting unzip program, run:

$ sudo apt-get install unzip

On Red Hat and CentOS platforms, you will need to install unzipbzip2, and some X11 libraries

$ sudo yum install unzip bzip2 libxcb libXext ncurses-compat-libs

2.6. Run in the new CMRI Platform folder with sudo using the command:

$ sudo ./

a. At this point the installation process will begin.

2.7. Read and type accept to accept the license agreement.

2.8. Upon completion, the following message should be displayed:

CodeMRI is now installed and configured. Please reload your shell or log out then back in.

2.9. You must log out and log in again to use CMRI.

3. Start CodeMRI®

3.1. Navigate to the directory in which the vault will be placed. It's recommend to create a folder called “vault”.

Welcome the CodeMRI(R) CLI Reference. The CodeMRI(R) Command-line Interface (CLI) provides an easy to use interface for administering and using your CodeMRI(R) product. To get started, see General Invocation.

Once you receive the license code from Silverthread support, enter the code as instructed in the reply and re-run job run produce_reports.

Update from previous version

  • Uninstall the existing CMRI Platform.

  • Install the new version, using the installation guide above

  - Skip the process of creating a vault and logging in if there is an existing vault.