CodeMRI® Care User's Guide

About this Document

This guide is for the Project Manager who needs to produce CodeMRI® Platform reports and the System Architect/Development Lead who will take action based on those reports.  In addition, this guide describes how to leverage the CodeMRI® Care products to define, control and improve software architecture. This guide assumes you have a basic working knowledge of the Windows Command Prompt or Linux Command Line or have access to this expertise. For detailed information on each of the commands described below, please see the CLI Reference document linked from here.

This user's guide assumes you have already installed the CMRI tool.  If this is not the case, navigate to, login and follow the links.

What is CodeMRI?

CodeMRI® (CMRI) is an installable command line utility for Windows and Linux that generates Silverthread CodeMRI® Diagnostic and/or Silverthread CodeMRI® Care reports for software systems.  It also provides capabilities to define, control and improve software architecture. It is intended for use on code bases of any size and generates reports in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats. 

Important and Useful commands – getting started:

  • Type run to get a list of CMRI jobs that can be run.

  • Type help to get a list of commands

  • Type help <command> to get a list of parameters for that command.

Customer Support

Phone: 800-674-9366 (9am - 5pm Eastern Time)