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Getting Started

The CodeMRI® Platform analyzes your code, gives you insight into the code’s technical health and software economics, and gives you the ability to transform and evolve that code in a healthy way. CodeMRI® is a flexible suite of capabilities that work together to help you make well-informed decisions and drive technical and business results.

CodeMRI® supports the following programming languages: Java, C#, C++, C, Python, Objective C, JavaScript, Ada, Fortran, and COBOL

  1. CodeMRI® System Requirements

  2. Install CodeMRI® on Linux

  3. Install CodeMRI® on Windows

  4. CodeMRI® Cheat Sheet

  5. CodeMRI® CLI Reference

  6. Glossary

CodeMRI® Setup and Administration

The CodeMRI® Platform is designed from the ground up to support automation, administration, integration with DevSecOps and Business Intelligence tools, sensitive data protection, and a variety of deployment options to meet the needs of your organization.

  1. CodeMRI® Administration Example - Analyzing Many Codebases

  2. Capturing and Transporting Data for CodeMRI® Reports

  3. CodeMRI® Administration Example - Moving Data and Managing DataVaults

  4. Setting up CodeMRI® Platform Web

  5. Organization Account Management System User Guide

  6. Install & Run the CodeMRI® Scanner - (Optional) - does not produce reports, is used to collect metadata only


Software Technical Health

The ‘technical health’ of a software codebase is a critical to keeping a software project on track, a development organization effective, quality high, and risk low. These pages describe how software development works, all the reasons code health matters, and different health metrics (including architecture quality, code quality, code duplication, and test quality).

  1. Technical Health Overview

  2. Software and Its Development

  3. Measuring Technical Health

  4. Business Impact of Technical Health

CodeMRI® Portfolio

CodeMRI® Portfolio is a high-level assessment tool to monitor the health and agility of multiple codebases at once. The Portfolio allows for the optimization of software assets by bringing attention to problem areas and notifying when codebases need monitoring or intervention.

  1. CodeMRI® Portfolio User Guide

  2. Using CodeMRI® Platform to Create a Portfolio

CodeMRI® Diagnostics

CodeMRI® Diagnostics provides a detailed assessment of technical health on a single system, using benchmark comparisons to thousands of similar systems. Diagnostics uses predictive analytics and machine learning to create ROI forecasts for a refactoring effort.

  1. Running CodeMRI® and Generating Diagnostics

  2. CodeMRI® 'File list' tab

  3. Finding technical health challenges

  4. CodeMRI® ROI Tool User Guide

  5. Refining CodeMRI® Diagnostics - File Attributes

CodeMRI® Care

CodeMRI® Care is a remediation and monitoring tool for a single software system. Care provides a custom technical health improvement plan for targeted remediation, architecture visualization tools, and command-line utilities for system monitoring and architectural integrity verification.

  1. CodeMRI® Care User's Guide

  2. Defining and controlling code architecture

  3. CodeMRI® Care Example - Exploring Code Architecture

  4. Script Templates for Continuous Integration

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